CELG Shanghai

Add:20-21F, Building No.5, XIZI International Center, 898 Xiuwen Rd., Shanghai, China

Founded in January 2010, CELG Shanghai  is positioned as the headquarters of CELG International. It is located on the 20th and 21st floors of Building 5, Xizi International Center, No. 898, Xiuwen Road, Xinzhuang Business District, Minhang, Shanghai. The office area is 1,900 square meters. Lawyers who are proficient in foreign languages, proficient in international law, have an international perspective, and have rich experience in foreign-related legal services such as international arbitration, international trade dispute settlement, and cross-border transactions. Since its establishment, CELG Shanghai  has successively won the honorary titles of spiritual civilization unit and judicial administration advanced collective. In 2019, the business revenue exceeded 100 million yuan, ranking among the top 10 billion yuan in Shanghai. CELG Shanghai International Headquarters will uphold the value created by the CELG brand, adhere to the development strategy of scale, specialization, branding and internationalization, and focus on cultivating a compound model with enterprise management experience, financial management knowledge and capital operation skills. The professional lawyer team continues to innovate legal service products to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers in a forward-looking and systematic manner, and provide solutions from a global perspective.

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