Add: 11F, Zhoushan Daily Building, 20 Linchang Road, Xincheng District, Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China

CELG Zhejiang Free Trade Zone was founded in January 2010 and established in Zhoushan. In June 2018, on the basis of integrating the resources of CELG Zhoushan and Zhejiang Pinzheng Henglian Law Firm, CELG (Zhejiang) was re-established. Free Trade Zone) law firm. CELG Zhejiang Free Trade Zone Office is located on the 11th floor of Zhoushan Daily Building, No. 20, Linchang Road, Zhoushan New Town. It now houses the Criminal Law Department, the Civil and Commercial Law Department, the Corporate Reorganization and Reorganization Law Department, the Maritime and Maritime Law Department and the Free Trade Zone. There are five professional legal departments including the Legal Department. CELG Zhejiang Free Trade Zone adheres to the tenet of "creating value for clients and earning dignity for the profession", based on the Zhejiang Free Trade Pilot Zone, and strives to become a boutique law firm with exquisite business and excellent service.

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