CELG Huzhou

Add:18F, Building A, EBD, No.1188 Qufu Rd., Huzhou, Zhejiang, China

Founded in 2006, CELG Huzhou is located on the 18th floor, Freeport Building A, Headquarters, No. 1188, Qufu Road, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Administrative Litigation Department, Intellectual Property and Foreign Legal Services Department, Bankruptcy Department and other 7 professional service departments. CELG Huzhou Institute is young and full of vigor. For more than ten years since the establishment of the institute, CELG Huzhou people adhere to the concept of "professional establishment, talent development", adhering to the service commitment of "integrity, quality and efficiency", and are committed to specialization, scale The comprehensive and comprehensive development model has developed into a law firm in the forefront of Huzhou City's comprehensive strength. In recent years, it has successfully achieved zero customer service complaints. A number of criminal cases he has handled have been selected as the top ten classic cases of innocence defense in CELG and the top ten classic cases of lawyers in Zhejiang Province. The non-litigation business in civil, commercial and administrative fields is unique in the industry, especially in bond issuance, consulting for large enterprise groups, risk assessment of major events, and soft topic research. CELG Huzhou has established a good reputation and image in the society where it is located, and has been awarded the "Top Ten Service Organizations" in Huzhou for two consecutive years.

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