CELG Germany GmbH

Add: Wandsbeker Allee 77, 22041 Hamburg, Germany
Email: liu@fum-legal.de

On October 28, 2021, CELG Germany officially completed the registration and establishment in the Hamburg District Court, Germany, and has now received the official registration certificate.

CELG Germany is located in Hamburg, the economic center in northern Germany and the second largest city in Germany. The office is located in the Wandsbeker district of Hamburg, Wandsbeker Allee 77, 22401 Hamburg, Germany. At present, the CELG German lawyer team is mainly composed of lawyers dispatched by CELG and local lawyers in Germany. At the same time, CELG Germany has formed a close business cooperation with the local German law firm Fritz und Mark Legal to give full play to their respective business advantages. CELG German lawyer team can provide multilingual professional legal services to clients in German, English and Chinese.

At present, CELG Germany's business areas mainly include overseas investment, corporate mergers and acquisitions, daily corporate legal affairs, civil and commercial dispute settlement, tax-related legal business and intellectual property protection, and cross-border art transactions.

Many members of CELG's German lawyer team have been active in the economic exchanges between China and Germany for a long time. They have assisted the Chinese embassy and consulate in Germany many times, handled consular protection cases, participated in many visits by state leaders, and at the same time in the local society. Organization holds positions. Many team members are employed in well-known domestic universities and scientific research institutions as part-time professors or researchers.

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