CELG Canada

Add:2627-Metro Tower Ⅱ, 4720 Kingsway, Burnaby, B.C. Canada

CELG Vancouver was authorized to practice Chinese legal services in the province by the British Columbia Law Society of Canada. It was legally registered and established in August 2018 and is now located at 2627-Metro Tower Ⅱ, 4720 Kingsway, Burnaby, B.C. Canada. Canada is recognized as one of the most powerful and stable Chinese legal service markets in the world. CELG Vancouver provides face-to-face and efficient services for Chinese clients in Canada and British Columbia, and also helps international clients invest and develop business in Canada. Actively participate in Canada's economic development. At present, CELG Vancouver has a wide range of business types, covering many industries, including the main industries of the Canadian economy, such as: energy, mining, infrastructure construction, technology, media and telecommunications, real estate and so on. The establishment of CELG Law Firm in Vancouver marks the leap-forward development of CELG's concept of "witnessing the process of the rule of law in China, building an international legal group, and escorting Chinese businessmen to the world", enabling CELG to provide high-quality, efficient and responsible legal services to domestic and foreign clients. Serve.

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